A family photo should show harmony in the family. A person looking at such a photo should not be able to sense tension or animosity among the family members; for small children that is unavoidable in some instances. A photo that tries to bring the whole family together is supposed to be planned for if the best is to be captured. By carefully planning for a photo, there will be little give-away details of how different the siblings are or how uncooperative any of them is.

One of the things that one must always consider is the poses that the family members will take when taking that photo. More often than not, people will try to just be formal and smiling. Well, gone are the days when a family photo had people with very plastic smiles and without much love and harmony flowing through them.

Poses can be diverse and very interesting. All the family can jump high in the air, lie down, hold hands, seen to be running, walk in the rain or even have the parents holding the kids upside down. When it comes to poses, there is really no border to using one’s imagination. Anything will do.

The clothes are some of the other things that are very conspicuous in photos. By picking the right clothes, a person is assured to getting the most perfect photo of their lifetime. Some of the things to factor in when shopping for the clothes to use in a photo is if their colors depict the mood which the family intends to be captured in them.

A family photo will look nice if there is coordination of colors in all of the members’ clothes. A person should also consider layering of clothes. This simply means that a person wears several clothes so that for the different photos that will be taken, they get rid of the different layers. This helps in a person getting to choose from a wide pool of different photos which were taken on the same day.

The other thing that a family will need to actively work on is the makeup or the looking good part of the photo. While dressing smartly is a core point in a family photo, it is important to note that adding some spice to the photo makes it debonair. One of the things to consider is if there is the risk of coming out with a totem bend, bend all that can bend. The other tip is to schedule the photo shooting for the golden hours; sunrise or sunset.